Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bizarre sites of the day

Searching for everything bizarre? Take a look at these sites!

Death Online

A step by step demonstration of what happens during an autopsy procedure

View at your own risk - Click HERE

Bizarre Video Games

A collection of the sickest and most offensive flash games available!

Bizarre Video Games - Click HERE

The Death Clock

Learn when you're going to die!

The Death Clock - Click HERE


Webster Twelb said...

I'm not even clicking the autopsy thing...the very word..scares me...

adrienne said...

Well I must say it is the most fasinating and interesting blog I have ever seen. No. Unique it is the most unique there that's the word.

Eternidad said...

Ja, ja. I'm dying on the eight of September 2014. I'll come back to haunt you.
I enjoyed your blog!!

bluedreamer27 said...

hmmm ive check out the three sites
first that autopsy thing.....thanks God it was animated!!!!

second actually i am with my sister now hehehe and as i open that bizzare video i immidiately turn it back after i saw the boobies hahaha

and third hmmm i was went to death clock before it was reffered to me by my friend and honesly i dont check that out
i am a little bit scared to know how long my life span was

ILL_Natured_gr said...

@ webster : Don't worrie,the autopsy is an animated one :)

@ adrienne : Thanks a lot for your good words - they're highly appreciated! I do think though you're exaggerating a bit :)

@ eternidad : Hope the death clock thing proves wrong... who can beleive in things like that anyway? :)

@ bluedreamer : Most of us are scared when it comes to thinking that we're mortal're not alone!
& boobies? what boobies?? don't say things like that... :) (and be forced to flag my blog as adults only,haha).

George M.

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