Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Trying to help out the Greek Government and especially the (or pretending to be) Minister of National Defence (Byron Polydoras who by the way always tells the truth without taking in mind any consequences),the ILL_Natured_gr team proudly presents


1) As Byron Polydoras said (see: "non-linear threats") the terrorists have found new ways to start fires using unique untraceble equipment.

The photo below is an ILL_Natured_gr's WORLD EXCLUSIVE and shows the modern methods that the terrorists use.

2) When Mr. Polydoras mentioned an "General Wind" no one beleived him and some really bad people started laughing at his face. Let's see their reaction after the inevitable proof the ILL_Natured_gr's team is showing to all of you today in another WORLD EXCLUSIVE

General Wind

Look at the detail

After watcing these unliable documents all Greeks must show their Government the respect it deserves.

THE ILL_Natured_gr team.--

Repost from ILL_Natured_gr's blog at MySpace,Aug 30,2007


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